Now is the end of days
And I am the Reaper

So I went to a Bill Nye lecture today. It was pretty great.

[frostshadowsblood]: 'Cuddle' -Red



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"Mm…did you remember the popcorn?" she immediately flocked towards the warm sensation of the massive body mass beside her and tugged up her legs to lean against his side, glancing at the movie screen in waiting for his response. The blanket was promptly pulled over her shoulders to a comfortable temperature.

"Of course." He brought the bowl over to his lap and smiled down at her, leaning his head down to kiss her forehead. His massive arm wrapped around her shoulders as the blanket was draped over mostly her. His shoulders were too broad to be covered by the fabric but he didn’t mind. With his free hand he pressed the button on the remote to start the movie and settled back to watch, occasionally rubbing Alessa’s back.

Back rubs and warmth were two of Alessa’s big weaknesses. The smaller female had a tendency towards tension and high strung anxiety, causing quite a bit of stress on muscles she didn’t even know worked anymore after the fire. At least they could still hurt, she supposed. The movie wouldn’t be lasted through as she was already far more exhausted and from the requirement for staying awake during the movie , but everything was set up in a way she could at least be subtle about her occasional drifts into the unconscious.

[frostshadowsblood]: "Is everything ok over here?" -Red



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Alessa’s gaze turned back to the man at her side, rather surprised to see him react in such a manner. It was the first time she had actually been able to talk to someone since the surgery for her skin grafts, and while they had both been healing still the decision to go to the party had been an unanimous one. “Of course..are you okay?”

Red gave her a semi-tight yet sincere smile at her question and nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. Just making sure you are.” He lay on large hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze before nodding at the person she was talking to. “I apologize for interruption. Please, excuse me.” He let her go and wandered a way to talk to one of his mechanic friends, his mismatched gaze venturing over toward her occasionally, to make sure she was alright.

Alessa wouldn’t admit it as Red gave her more than enough attention within the privacy of their home, but the fact that someone was flirting with her was rather enjoyed. Someone. She didn’t know them, had no interest in getting to know them, they were a mere stranger in the grand scheme of her life and one that would not be missed should they never meet again. The other was paid attention to and given subtle cues to continue on with his attention through the use of slight tilt of the heads and generally pleasant smiles, even a wave of the hand signifying it was unecessary. But otherwise, she was just fine.

Eh…today was kind of emotionally disappointing. But Bill Nye comes to campus tomorrow, so maybe that’ll help? Either way, just gonna head to bed.

Goodnight everyone!


Werewolf by HoDSNaKe


"Alright alright…" He crawled back into bed next to her.

"Good.." she mumbled, immediately nestling herself up against him.


"Shush." He kissed her eyes. "Go to sleep."

"Only when you join me." she grumbled, reaching out to hook needy hands around his waist.


"Oh, fine…" He sighed.

She grinned and gave a bit of a wave with lazy fingertips.





"Says the one who told me to go to sleep." She teased from the pillows, gradually pulling herself up into a casual stretch. "You’re taking a bath this late?"

"You mean this early? I’m already up, I might as well. Unless you want me to wait."

"Mm..come back to bed and be my heater."

"Oh, alright; but you owe me a bath."

"You can take a raincheck, right?" She allowed an eye to creep open with the slightest of smug expressions to grace her lips.